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Jumbo Die Cutter (Sujata 72, Sujata 66) ::

Sujata Jumbo Die Cutters

Sujata Jumbo Die cutters are also offered with a wide range of models and sizes to meet the demand of corrugating industry, display industry. And to meet demand of various large size of die cutting. These die cutters are offered with special features of double “S” cam, auto lubrication and operator’s walk way and also the optional features i.e. plate lifter, adjustable chases with moveable bars and various safety features to make the press user’s friendly. These Jumbo presses are very Sturdy in constructions and designed to provide extra tonnage to meet Demand of large scale die cutting jobs.

Sujata 72

Sujata 66


Adjustable Chase with movable bars Impression Adjustment with worm gear Auto Lubrication Unit

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