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Paper Guillotine ::

High Speed Programmable Paper Guillotine ( SPG)

The new Sujata programmable paper Guillotine is now offered with 3 latest models. The new Sujata programmable paper cutting is possessed of advanced structure, high automation, rapid cutting speed, safety and reliability. It is suitable for cutting trade mark, negotiable securities, packing and other printed materials as well as some soft materials similar to paper. Newly designed photo electric unit wide spread extended side tables are the new added feature to our SPG series of Paper Cutter.


Standard Features
  • Box type Design
  • Specially Designed Electro magnetic clutch and brake.
  • Latest Hydraulic Power pack with double pressure cylinder.
  • Infra red photo electric safety device.
  • Programme controlled air cushion table
  • Stainless steel strip on front table which keeps the front bed away from rust for years
  • Dual Speed motor driven back gauge with separate E.M. clutch & brake mounted on lead screw
  • Slot closing belt is provided on main bed.
  • Dust free feather touch key board for smooth operation of programme unit.
  • Programme execution is possible either in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.
Technical Data
Product Code SPG 95 SPG 115 SPG 132
Cutting width 37 (950 mm) 45 (1150 mm) 52 (1320 mm)
Clamp opening 4.5 (120 mm) 5.5 (140 mm) 5.5 (140 mm)
Minimum cut without false clump 1 (25 mm) 1 (25 mm) 1 (25 mm)
Speed of mechanical cut per minute 45 45 45
Blade thickness 0.5 (12.7 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm) 0.5 (12.7 mm)
Power required 7 HP (5.25 kw) 7 HP (5.25 kw) 9.5 HP (7.15 kw)
Weight 3200 Kg. 4100 Kg. 4800 Kg.

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