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Die Cutters/ SDC Series (Sujata 40, Sujata 43) ::


The new Sujata heavy duty platen (die) Cutting. Embossing presses are particularly designed for die Cutting. Scoring and creasing work on paper, linoleum, card board, corrugated board, Fibre Board, Cork, Leather, plastic, PVC materials, etc. Most handsome and compact patronized model requires minimum floor space, minimum make ready time and provides sufficient hourly production. Sujata heavy duty platen (die) cutting, creasing embossing presses are offered in widest range of sizes to suit multiple applications. The Sujata presses are ideal to cut corrugated, cardboard & solid fibre boxes, carton decals, puzzles, games, advertising display.

Sujata 43

Sujata 43


Salient Feature

  • Strong construction of Sujata Die Cutter guarantee for perfect works under heaviest conditions.
  • Stationery platen and moving platen made of special high tensible cast iron.
  • The platen is driven from the ball bearing mounted shaft.
  • Main gear shaft and connected arms are mounted on bronze bushes.
  • The reduction gear shaft is made of hardened high quality alloy steel.
  • Electro-megnetic clutch & brake with push-botton control of the press for easy, efficient & safe operation, Complete safety is ensured by full electrical interlocking.

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